Can NOT install Kernel-RT

Hi … just installed Leap 15.4 … Since I do audio recording with Ardour a RT kernel is/would be rather helpful.

…and also in the view " I am not keen to switch to a Debian base system. I am running Suse since …hmmm 2004 …something like that.

The Kernel-rt version available is 5.3.18-8.13.1-x86_64 vendor SUSE LLC

click … there is a conflict msg :

 " the installed util-linux-2.37.2-150400.6.26x86_64 conflicts with  'kernel<5.8'provided by the to be installed kernel-rt-5.3.18-8.13.1-x86_64 "

… do not install …

So ??? how could we make it happen ?


Remove conflicting kernel version.

hmmmm … bugzilla … that’s it for the time being ???

until the official kernel-rt package appears.

Meaning, the RT Kernel is “Work In Progress” (WIP) – only the “vanilla” Leap 15.4 was released this week – the other flavours are being progressed …

… thanks … any idea about the timeframe ?

No idea and, also, the Build isn’t much help – <>.

If you tried to actually read the bug report, you may have noticed reference to [noparse]Kernel:SLE15-SP4-RT[/noparse]