Can not install Brother HL31040-CW printer

Hello all,
First day user here (as of this posting) and while everything is perfect with openSUSE, I can not get my printer installed. It is not in the automatic list when attempting to install, the Brother website only has RPM & DEB install scripts. I know that openSUSE somehow uses RPM but it would not load with them either. I see the printer is incorrect in the headline, it is a Brother HL3140-CW
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Guy :frowning:

Hi, welcome.

RPM is not a script, but a package format. So, you need to install the rpm to be able to use the software from the rpm package. Use your filemanager to go to the folder you saved the rpm to, right click it, select Open with … and select “Install and remove software”. After doing so, retry to install the printer.

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That example was perfect, not a single glitch. I gave you a star as well as a glowing review/comment.

Guy lol!

Nice, you’ve got it working now. Pleases me more than the rep. points :slight_smile: