Can not get online - whoda guessed.?

This has been going on for a couple of months. I keep going into the body shop and returning with the concentration span of a clam. But, better now.

My home network router, switch were walked on at some time, losing some connectivity. As w “work-around”, where I wouldn’t have to crawl around and trace stuff, I decided to go wireless. The bottom line here, is, not only did that not work, but I had changed my net settings to where, it seems nothing would ever work. After crawling and testing the ethernet connection to my #1 box (opensuse) was OK. STILL no joy. I was @ 11.2. “repair system”, and reinstall did not work.

Next, I tried a network install of 11.3. During this, the installer noticed no connectivity, and asked if it could overwrite files to work… I said “yes”. I must have been writing to /tmp or a chrooted dir, because it worked - but it was not persistent, and failed on reboot.

Yes, I then tried a DVD install of 11.4, which could not figure how to connect at all.

I am almost 70 :(, and remember back to when I was using slackware 0.83 ) and have had Linuxlife pretty easy lately. I /used to/ remember all of the files and interactions in getting eth0 working. Maybe not now.

The BEST thing y’all could do for me would be to post an executible, or script that would allow me to get back online. I have really been pleased with osuse through my years using it. I know the economic forces may soon affect Novell, but I hope not. If any heavy hitter needs the output of ifconfig or anything else, tell me.

Thank you for your time in reading.

Details! Need Details which can be used!

  • What wireless network card are you using
  • You said you had some wired but was “losing” connectivity. Have you tried that at all? BTW - If you do, turn off your wireless when trying wired, that can cause dropouts.
  • If/when you were running 11.2, your default method managing network connections was IFUP/IFDOWN. Do know how to manage connections using that method, and whether you have upgraded or not, have you verified whether you’re still doing IFUP/IFDOWN or changed to using Network Manager (not likely)? From YAST, change to Network Manager if not configured that way automatically.
  • Is your wireless configured “open” or do you require authentication? (It’s one reason to configure wired instead… simplicity).
  • Have you done an ifconfig and iwconfig? If so and need help interpreting, pls post.

HTH getting you started,