can not find repository

:)hello, i am new to linux
i am trying to install suse 11.3 on my desktop which has following configuration:
intel pentium 4 processor 32 bit
512 mb ram
80 gb hardisk
i made a 20gb partition on my harddisk and formatted it as fat32 for installing suselinux on it.i changed my boot priority and booted the system from the bootable dvd.
the problems are:
1).a message is displayed telling to ensure that cd 1 is in the drive.i can not make out what this meas when the dvd is already in the drive.if i press ok same message keeps coming if i press back following occurs…
2).the installlation starts and asks for language and keyboard type.then it asks me to specify the harddisk and then a message is displayed that it cannot find repository .please help me install suse linux 11.3.kindly suggest some solution…

Hello chandan,

Welcome to OpenSuSe forum.

Tell me 1 thing. How did you download OpenSuSe 11.3? from ftp or via torrent site? If you downloaded from ftp, kindly verify MD5 checksum file of your downloaded iso. To make sure download iso from FTP isnt corrupted. ]

2ndly, make sure from BIOS you selecting cd as 1st boot priority option.

3rd, leave that newly created partition as “RAW” partition or make it as a Linux EXT3 partition. Which Windows OS you running as primary OS? You having SATA hdd or IDE?

And last but not least, I suggest you to try previous version of OpenSuSe as your system has only 512 MB ram. OpenSuSe 11.3 likely will slow down your system due to heavy kind of ] GUI i.e. Graphical User Interface ].

Feel free to download live cd of OpenSuSe KDE before installing or boot from an USB drive!!!


You made a fat partition to install on??? This is so wrong.

Delete that FAT partition and just leave the space empty. Boot from DVD and install. Let the installer make the 3 partitions needed.

i have installed suse 11.3 successfully. i have problem compiling and executing c code as error message is displayed “if gcc is not a typo you can use…” the gcc is present in /usr/lib but code is not compiling.please tell me how to compile and execute c code using gcc. does this have something to do with ./.bash_profile.??..please help regards

It would be better if you started this question as its own thread in the programming forum, rather than include it in an unrelated topic about repositories.

To test that you do have gcc installed, do

which gcc

that will give you the path to the compiler. Make sure you include that in your path,

echo $PATH

If gcc isn’t installed, install it with Yast.

Sorry, to find if gcc is installed do

rpm -qa | grep gcc

That should give you a list of all the package files for gcc. Then try the above commands.