Can not create Gmail accounts in Thunderbird

I’ve re-installed OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and am trying to add a handful of gmail accounts to Thunderbird.
The first account installed fine but any additional ones hang at the “Google confirmation stage”. Let me explain.

I add a new gmail account by copy/pasting in all of the needed info. Then a small browser window pops up with the email address already present.
After that, I usually click continue and enter the gmail password, click OK to finish the setup.

I’ve done this for years and so far, it has always worked.
Is anyone else experiencing this issue of Google not advancing to the password field?

About a week ago, I’ve installed OS Tumbleweed for the first time and set up all of the Thunderbird accounts.
Thanks for any help and hints. - L C

A number of email providers now require you to go to their settings in webmail and specifically allow ‘foreign’ email clients to access them. It is usually under something like security settings.

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