can not connect to vpn server when firewall in on

I know this is a stupid question, then again Linux is not always easy to figure out.

My system is OpenSuse Leap 42.2 with the KDE Desktop. Also I am using the default KDE Network manager to manage the various network connections.

My problem is that when i try to connect to my VPN server using the default network manager the connection times out.
If i stop the forewall service using the yast application then i am able to connect to my VPN without any problem, so the issue is not with the VPN server. So clearly I have to changes to the firewall configuration.

So My question is how to you configure the firewall so that it is possible to connect to a VPN server?

Welcome to openSUSE Forums idsantos. What type of VPN are you using here?

Have a read of the following thread…

modprobe nf_conntrack_pptp what!!!..

That link did turn out to be what I was looking for although the command ‘modprobe -c | grep _pptp’ gave me no indication to whether the module was loaded or not.However after creating a file named /etc/modules-load.d/pptp.conf as root and adding the line ‘nf_conntrack_pptp’ and restarting the pc I was indeed able to connect to my VPN server.

So again thanks for your help.