can not "click" install rpm error

When I try to install rpm files I get this error on openSUSE 12.2 KDE 4.10. This used to work for me, what is wrong?

Ok, I found the easy work around. You need to right click >> Open with >> select “install/remove software” and you will get to install. I thought this used to work as a single click in KDE dolphin.

I put all my rpms in a single folder
Create a local repository using that folder in YaST and manage(install/uninstall) these rpms from YaST.

This was actually why I tried openSUSE to begin with. I never had the internet, so in order to try new software I had to manually download rpms. Installing them would be a chore except I was able to add a flat file directory. This really helped with the offline multimedia pack that used to be around.

Also I am not sure, but perhaps uninstalling apper might sort this thread.