Can no longer set correct keyboard in regional settings and widget has gone too. Help please.

I used to have a widget in my system tray which showed the UK and US flags and enabled me to switch.

I needed this switch because, in spite of all my system being set for UK as default, on re-booting the US system was always enabled and I had to change before starting work.
At least I was able to change back to UK using the widget. Now it has gone and I am stuck with # instead of the pound sign. My system is all showing UK set as the default but clearly it is not working.
I need the pound sign when working. How may I enter it please?

I had a similar issue once and it drove me mad. Then I found out Ibus had been installed (not sure how or why). Solution for me was to either configure IBus (Settings -> IBus Preferences), add a UK keyboard and optionally delete the US one tat was there by default or just remove all the IBus stuff via YaST Software management.

Did you try right-click on the Screen, Add widget?

I have the Widget and the About shows: