Can no longer see prior posts when replying to thread:

I was replying to a post and out of curiosity I ticked a small button on the lower right (Looked like angled lines or mountains on the button It is not the window resizing button).

Now when replying to a post I can no longer see any prior posts below it… All I can view is the current post I am creating nothing prior further below it.

What is this button (It seems to be missing) and how can I bring this feature back?

Thank You

I “assume” you mean the button with ^ .
When that is true, I would assume that you now have to look for a button with the same image, but pointing down.

Again, reading your experience, I did not try to use the button myself to confirm my assumptions.

Hi, I actually have found out now that opening up another webbrowser tab next to the current tab that I can easily switch between the 2. It’s better for entering in information as I don’t need to scroll down and up to create a reply.

Thanks for your help.

Do you mean the “Topic Review (Newest First)” «show / hide» <^> button?

  • When I click it, the “Topic Review
    ” disappears … - When I click it again, the “Topic Review
    ” reappears …

OK, the colour is actually <^> but, I’m using Firefox 78.10.0esr on the default Leap 15.2 KDE Plasma –

  • Is there something which your Desktop and/or Web-Browser is doing which is causing the “Topic Review
    ” button to disappear when clicked?

I just do not see this button “Topic Review (Newest First)” «show / hide» <^> button? Where and how can I get this feature to be enabled? I may definitely be overlooking where this is since I am not experienced with the layout of the forums here whatsoever. I suppose I could clear the Firefox 88.0 (64-bit) cache and cookies. I will do this now.


Topic Review (Newest First)” is directly below the “Reply to Thread” – directly below the “Additional Options” section of the “Reply” window section …

  • Why are you using Firefox 88.0?
  • From where did you install it?

88.0 is the Tumbleweed default…

Great News… I went to Firefox Webbrowser’s toolbar → Edit → Preferences → Privacy&Security → Scrolled down to → Cookies and site date then clicked “Clear Data” → then → Scrolled down to → History and then clicked “Clear History”.

Then I logged back into the forums and yes the “Topic Review (Newest First)” <show / hide> <^> button] is now appearing again.

Thanks for your help with this.