Can no longer minimize windows in KDE

I’m running Suse 11.1 with KDE (4?) on my desktop computer. It
used to be that if I minimized a window (by clicking on the
inverted ^ at the top left), that the window minimized and
and could be recovered by clicking on a box in the panel at
the bottom of the screen. Alternatively I could minimize/restore
a window by clicking on the box in the panel (one click to minimize, another to maximize, etc)

But I have done something (I’m not sure what) and I no longer
have the boxes for open windows in the panel. Apparently when
I minimize a window, it is now gone. How do I get back to the
behavior I had before?


You will need to add a panel to your desktop. Not at my linux machine currently, but IIRC right-click on desktop and select ‘Add Panel’. (You may need to ‘Unlock Widgets’ first). Have a look at this getting started tutorial:

KDE 4.2: Ten Tips for Getting Started

NO, I already have a panel at the bottom of the screen. Adding
a panel just gives me another (empty) panel at the top.

I have a similar setup on my laptop and have discovered that
these “boxes” are in an area controlled by the “task manager”.
But how do I get to the task manager in the first place if
it’s not available?

Are you using KDE 4.1 or 4.2? I remember KDE 4.1 toasting itself once for me. Not happened again since upgrading though. You could try starting over by renaming or deleting ~/.kde4 directory.


You must right click on your panel and hit Add Widget. Search for Task Manager. Click it then click Add Widget and you should be good.

Good Luck,


That did it. I had seen the add widget option, but didn’t
realize that the task manager is one of the widgets that you
can add to the panel.

Thanks very much.