Can no longer login into these forums unless resetting password each time

I know this is the wrong section, but I consider the current forums no longer have a suitable section for these type of problems ever since switching to the new, highly questionable forums.


I can no longer login into the forums because it always says “password incorrect”, and whenever trying to reset it always says “password has been used before”, thus I now need to type any long nonsense password that I cannot even ever remember.

Please I demand moderators and administrators to properly do their job and do something about this big issue. Non happy with breaking Wine, now this…

Yes, I have been here for circa 12 years, and this is the first time I’m seeing such technical mis-behavior with the administration, ever since switching to new forums.


As a “I’m not an administrator” person :face_with_spiral_eyes: , may I ask –

  • Which Web-Browser are you using to access these Forums?

Also, if you attempt to access the KDE Bug Reporting system – <> – does that system also demand that, you reset your password?

Are there any encryption services active on your connection to the Internet?

Firefox from openSUSE ESR.

I have no account on KDE, but the SUSE bugzilla also demands changing password.

No encryption whatsoever.

What I ask is to reset all password history and be able to use a past one, just in order to be able to use forums normally again.

Or better just issue a ban if you want.

This is state of the art for most services which uses passwords, that you can’t reuse already used passwords.

Thats why password managers exist…you only need to remember ONE strong password.

NO!!! That’s definitely NOT what we want!!!

As “hui” has mentioned, a Password Wallet or Key-Ring or whatever, is essential these days …

  • As someone “over 70” with rapidly advancing dementia, I would be lost without the things due to the number of strong passwords needed these days …
    Funnily enough, I can usually remember my password for these forums despite the need to use some non-alphanumeric characters in the thing – currently it’s basically the original password generated years ago with some extra characters and numbers to meet the latest requirements …

Also, strangely enough, I’ve had difficulty remembering people’s names and, also, telephone numbers, for about 40 years now …

Moved to “Forums Feedback”.

Passwords are handled by the IdP team - you’ll need to open a ticket by sending an e-mail to admin (at) o.o for assistance.

We use an SSO solution for password management now (as we did with vBulletin - though that was a different solution at the time), so anything around password management is now handled outside of the forums.

I’ve seen no other reports of this issue, so it would seem to be something specific to your account. The project admin team should be able to sort this out for you.

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Even people who don’t limit themselves to one computer? Do password managers go with people like physical wallets or keys to other physical locations?

Complicated passwords are a pet peeve here. The only reasons for most web sites to use them is to keep out imposters and other miscreants. The simplest of passwords ought to work for them, limiting need for the non-memorables to places like banks and tax offices.

They can do, although some would see that as a security risk (security vs convenience). Firefox for example offers an online sync facility. (I don’t have it set to sync logins and passwords.)

That’s standard since ages (i don’t want to say decades…). I have several computers with different linux distributions…and on all of them i use KeepasXC. All use the same database. If i change the database on one computer, i only need to sync it to the other ones…easy peasy…

Totally wrong. Passwords are there to protect you, your data and informations. And as already said, it is easy as hell to use highly complex passwords (entropy > 120 bits) with an passwordmanager.


I concur completely.

With banks, of course. With web forums and bug trackers, I have serious trouble imagining any serious danger inducing required use of special characters necessary in addition to mixed case plus numerals, which it seems all now require, regardless of potential or real risk.

IMO, the best passwords don’t get saved anywhere on the client end except in human RAM, or a safe deposit vault, where they’ll be available to an executor or trustee at death.

It doesn’t take much knowledge or fantasy why you also need strong passwords on forums:

  • for some forums/accounts you need to provide personal informations like phone number, adress, email, credit card number and much more. If they get stolen thats the first step for further attacks on you and your infrastructure
  • it’s not hard to imagine what can happen if somebody takes over your account and posts forbidden content which will bring you into legal trouble or uses your account for criminal activities…you know that you as account owner are responsible for the posted contents (in many countries…)?

And setting up a password manager and creating safe passwords takes less time than lamenting on a forum how bad and senseless the use of secure passwords is… :wink:


Obvious reasons - Data matching and account hijacking.