Can no longer login into KDE Plasma session

After waking up from sleep I can no longer log in the Plasma session (up-to-date Plasma 6 with Wayland - but X11 also doesn’t let me in either). Here is a video of what happens: video grab. IceWM session and GNOME work fine. Any idea what happened there and how to fix this? Booting from previous snapshot didn’t help either, this must be something messed up in the user’s directory?

So try creating new user. Can you login as this new user then?

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Great idea in the hindsight! New user didn’t work either. I rolled back to an even earlier snapshot (20240321) where SDDM has an OpenSUSE styling and not the KDE wallpaper as seen on my screengrab, and this worked. I suppose they pushed some changes to SDDM that can break login? I’ll stay on this snapshot for a while then. First time in over a year of using Tumbleweed this occurs to me, should be related to ongoing changes to Plasma. Where do I report this bug?

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