Can no longer log into my wireless AP

I am trying to use Firefox in order to log into a WiFi AP which I have just re-installed.
My problem is that the login password is not accepted but I know I have the right password.

When I enter the IP into my browser I get what I assume is a security block but there is no way that I can see to get round this.

I have no idea what security certificates are relevant to the AP, an Engenius ENS500-AC or if indeed it is a security issue. I have since tried on another AP device and have the same problem.

While trying to sort this out is there an insecure/less secure browser I can use which will let me access my AP configuration pages please?

What’s the actual error message displayed by Firefox.

When attempting to connect to: “” (assuming that IP is your AP) possibly FF is enforcing HTTPS mode.

Check FF “Settings → Privacy & Security → HTTPS-Only Mode” is set to “Don’t enable HTTPS-Only Mode”

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Hi and many thanks for your reply. You are correct and I did have the HTTPS only set and it has been this way for years.

Now I have edited FF it works but the issue may be more complicated than this because none of the other APs that I access have had this problem. Will do a few checks and report but meanwhile I can at least make progress.
Many thanks once again,

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Forcing https has two primary benefits, one of which being you want to always have secure connections everywhere so that it makes it harder for your specific web traffic to be intercepted, but also to help keep you from tumbling off to a potentially harmful web server that isn’t actually the one you want.

I have a Netgear RAX50 and I turned https on so that, even though it’s strictly a local network connection, there’s still security there. You could look to see if https is an option presented to you as well. You might have to initially overcome FF’s objection and do a blind trusting of your own hardware, but after that it should work for you.

If the router dosn’t support https mode 8for the setting site), you can still enable “enforce https” in firefox, but make an exemption for this particual router setting site. This is officially described in the firefox help: