Can libadwaita 1.5 be installed?

openSUSE Leap 15.6 comes with libadwaita 1.4 but I need 1.5 for an app I’m writing. Is it possible to use libadwaita 1.5 on Leap 15.6 and what is the best way to install it? I can see it’s on the Build Service site but I’ve no idea what to do with that site… I don’t know which search result to choose or if it’s a potential risk.


This is the downside of running Leap vs Tumbleweed.

You’re going to be on older versions of things.

You can potentially install libadwaita 1.5 on Leap from a development repo, but that’s not generally recommended, and could make your system unstable, or difficult to support.

You could potentially use a solution like distrobox, or a Tumbleweed virtual machine to do your development in. You could potentially use Flatpak to get more “up to date” bits.

Thank you for the reply. I might have to give Tumbleweed another shot. I was poised with a similar problem in November but with Gtk, installed Tumbleweed but had more minor problems in 6 months than I did in the years of using Leap prior.