can i use yum for opensuse 11 ?

can i use yum for opensuse 11 ?..if so…how can i install yum ? using yast or is there anyway to install yum ?..please reply my topic if u have kind heart…

Webpin gives:

That’s for 11.0 not 11.1

But zypper is far better IMO
Zypper/Versions - openSUSE

Why don’t you want to use openSUSE’s native tool like zypper but instead want to bastardize it and use a tool specifically developed for another distro in mind?

yes, you can use yum like caf show for you, but you don’t to use yum.

yum use xml to manage repositories, and, every time that you need to install, update or check one package, if the xml on the server is not equal your xml, then you will download the xml before download the package.

and it’s not cool.

gee whizz!! haven’t heard that said in some time !! :wink: