can i use whatsapp on my openSuse Linux Leap 42.3?

hello dear experts,

can i use whatsapp on my openSuse Linux Leap 42.3?
Is this possible?

well - if so that would be great!

Not according to Whatsapp‘s own site which says it is only available for Mac and Windows.

Here’s a picture of WhatsApp running in Google Chrome in OpenSuse Leap 42.3

So yes, sure you can use WhatsApp on OpenSuse.
You don’t need Google Chrome, it should work equally well in Firefox.

Just open and follow on-screen instructions to add your phone. You should bookmark this website for quick access- once you connect the phone, the computer will always open your WhatsApp when you open, unless you ask it to forget your phone.

The catch is that the phone MUST be kept connected to the internet while you’re using WhatsApp on the computer, as whatever you do on the computer is instantly updated to your phone - your PC and your phone is kept in real-time sync. It gives you the advantage of seeing and playing media files you receive on a larger screen, and the ability to type on a proper computer keyboard instead of the touch interface of your phone.


However I would like to Know that few days ago I am using whatsapp through and one day my friend has told me about a app he said that this app is Whatsapp modified version and you can use your whatsapp account in this app and also you can create dual whatsapp account at the same time so I think I should try this app so I ask him for link and he send it and I successfully install app but when I am try to open that app account on web.whatsapp it doesn’t open
App source link app name GBWhatsApp