Can i use some home repos 42.1 in the 42.2?

I goto 42.2 but i have some repos home in 42.1 that is not 42.2
Can i use some home repos 42.1 in the 42.2?
Example repos that is not 42.2

If you’re lucky (and cautious), you may be able to.
But in general you shouldn’t.

It may cause conflicts or even break your system.

Better ask the corresponding maintainers/people to provide their repo for 42.2, or try to find your desired packages in a different repo that does exist for 42.2, I’d say.

I have some software(home:xof) that was related to previous opensuse 42.1 that will fail if the new opensuse 42.2 Update

What is the task of software that are not in the new opensuse version

Well, as I wrote, ask X0F to build for 42.2 as well.

And what software exactly?
It may be available in another repo for 42.2 as mentioned.

Sorry, I don’t understand that sentence at all.

I can’t These apps find for leap 42.2

A question
i have some apps in the home:multimedia:photo and change 42.1 to 42.2
i must reinstall all software home:multimedia:photo or not need reinstall software

You change the repo and then of course you use it by installing from it. E.g.

zypper dup --from <the-identification-of-the-new-repo>

Or using YaST > software > Software Management

I searched on OBS for you, the search page may not be aware of 42.2 already (at least it doesn’t find packages in the standard repos yet).


Not available for 42.2 currently it seems.

moritzmolch’s repo only contains this one package, so should be safe to use.
Though I cannot tell you that the package itself will work on 42.2, it should though, judging from the dependencies.

OTOH, no point to keep the repo if you have the package installed already, see below.


These are not even in the two repos you mentioned?

gimp-plugin-resynthesizer is available in the “graphics” repo which does exist for 42.2.

The others don’t really have sophisticated requirements AFAICS, so should still work.

And I cannot findlibvulkan_intel at all in OBS, so no idea.

Btw, upgrading should not remove installed packages, even if they are not contained in any configured repo.
Unless there are conflicts of course.

Yes, you should reinstall all.
The installed packages (compiled for 42.1) may or may not work on 42.2.

Thanks for guidance