Can I use Gpass?

I’ve been using Ubuntu for several years, but recently came across openSUSE 11.4, which I like a lot.

The problem is that I have been using a lot of applications in the Gnome version of Ubuntu, some of which I would like to continue with in openSUSE. A critical app is the password manager, Gpass. Having searched around I cannot find a version of this which runs in openSUSE. If installing Gpass proves impossible, I would like to import all of my passwords into Kwallet, but don’t know if this can be done.

Can anyone offer a solution?

I will start at the other end of your question, Kwallet has an import function. It says XML there, but I do not know if other password managers have the same output format.

You do not say, but as you talk about using Kwallet, I guess that you use KDE on openSUE. Then Kwallet is imho the one to use, because it integrates with other KDE apps. FF is of course different, it has his own password manager.

Yes. I am using KDE and would like to stick with Kwallet if possible. My only concern is whether I can export/import the fairly large amount of info I currently have stored in Gpass.

As said, I can only tell something about Kwallet. I did an export there and that gives a fair idea about what format to use on import in Kwallet.

Now, you can do the same with Gpass (if there is an export function, as you did not tell, I wouldn’t know) and see how that looks like and if it would e easy to convert the one into the other.