Can I use another .config file for Kernel?

At the moment I’m running opensuse 11.1 with a self compiled kernel.

I would like to change to a 2.6.30 version, and was wondering if I can use a generated .config file from a running version of opensuse 11.2 milestone2 instead of the one from 11.1?

My milestone2 version would be running on the exact same hardware, I just change the hard drives.

yes, I do it all the time. if however the newer kernel offers new options/drivers, the older config file won’t have those enabled so you’ll have to enable them manually if you need them

Ooops, not quite sure I got across what I was trying to say there :D.

I have 2 hard drives, one running 11.2m2, the other running 11.1 (with a self compiled kernel).

Both drives run in my laptop and are setup as fully operational (apart from the fact that the last update sadly hosed my m2).

What I was thinking of doing was installing my m2 drive and booting, copying the .config file from it’s 2.6.30(something) kernel, then installing my 11.1 drive, downloading the same version kernel sources as my m2 version, and compiling it (on the 11.1 drive) using the .config from the m2.

Sounds complicated, but the reason is that I have never been able to compile a kernel to the same suse specifications.

It works, but not quite the same, I always have to disable the apparmor stuff (not that I really need it, but I hate seeing failed messages on boot!), and I really like the nice background to vt1 ;).

I could just go ahead and try it I expect, but it takes a very long time to compile.

yes it is possible…

if you hate seeing failing apparmor boot messages, simple disable apparmor from booting if you don’t use it. That’s what I do

Thanks I’ll give it a go later :).