can I upgrade current 15.3 using the DVD USB stick? To hopefully fix somethings?

Some thing is grabbing all resources when I start an OPera browser and I am getting sick of watching this machine DO NOTHING. Can’r even find the cursor, and can’t open a terminal to find out what is the resource hog., This only seems to happen immediately after starting an Opera browser. The developer version worked ok, until it stopped playing videos in Facebook Watch so I took it out.

So will a upgrade from the DVD USB stick fix somethings?

I have most critical things backed up, so a fresh install is not out of the picture(although I don’t really want to do that)

Besides that, UID 65534 and USER nobody shows up most startups. Haven’t solved that one yet eother.

Your on Leap 15.2? No since it will need to change to the SLE repositories as well… Boot to multi-user target (runlevel 3) and do a online upgrade…

No I am on Leap 15.3

Just do a zypper dup with system online?

OK,I did that, We’ll see what happens.
Just had to make a bunch of decisions for conflicts, 1, 2, 3. I chose the last number in each of the conflict sections. (IIRC, I did the same the 1st upgrade via ‘dup’ online.)

But, what is the purpose of doing a dup now?
That is how I upgraded from 15.2 to 15.3.

If your having to do that then that is likely the issue… why #3 (which was?)? Maybe run zypper -vvv dup to show more verbose output…

Performed a new install using a few minutes ago on vintage hardware.

Installed opera from default repositories which wouldn’t play videos (firefox played them readily). Installed codecs: and tried again opera, which now readily plays the videos too.

The error options were quite verbose for me. More so, and I would be lost completely.

Some conflict errors had 2 continue options & one had 3.
IE, which option do you want to do 1, 2,3,A,…(enter number)
1 was usually 'keep old out of date stuff, 2 replace latest, 3 only one choice given. A was abort the DUP operation.
Sorry, I don’t have anything to post of those DUP update error options.

I think my fist though of just doing a fresh install was and is what I should do.
I am still haven problems with running Opera(my choice of browser), and that UID 65534 and session c1 for user nobody comes back after first shutdown causing really slow start upps and painfull slow shutdowns. NONE of the other 3 machines do that, and one of them is another legacy machine.

Getting tired of seeing things go farther downhill. Right now I can’t do much wihat this old HP Compaq. NOT pleasant!

So tomorrow, I guess I will load in the DVD USB stick and clear things out, do the partitioning thing, and do a fresh install.

THANKS for this input!

When a program misbehaves, the first order of business is not reinstalling random stuff. #1 should be to isolate whether you have a personal settings problem or not. Rarely will reinstalling anything correct personal settings trouble, unless you reinstall the whole OS and wipe out /home in the process. Either create a new user and try Opera using it; or in your regular user, shut Opera down, log out of the current session, log in again, delete Opera’s cache (from ~/.cache/) and its profile (from ~/.config/), then try Opera again.

after installing the Packman codecs, did you try videos in FB Watch? Just curious.

Opera needs chromium-ffmpeg-extra!