Can I trust my install of 11.0

I have a copy of 11.0. The DVD gives a checksum error. I installed it anyway and got this message:

Error: failed to read information about installation images

I clicked OK and it proceeded to the end where I got a blue screen with a red error message saying “Installation Error”. I rebooted and it seems to work OK. It was a 12 hour download and I am now beyond my monthly allowance for downloads without paying big dollars.

So the question is: is there some test or tests to see whether the installation is worth keeping?

Any advice appreciated



RPM packaged are checksummed so it might have thrown some errors and missed some setup steps. You can also do a rpm -Va, but that throws up quite a few lines about files that have legitimately been changed, and doesn’t show files that don’t belong to packages but are constructed as part of the install.

If I were you I wouldn’t trust it for anything serious.

I’ll be requesting Bigpond for the DVD images as soon as they are released so you should be able to fetch them without quota cost.

You could download the torrent, point it to the same directory as where you have the ISO and have it repair it.

You could do some tests on the DVD

How to do this is documented here:
checking the md5sum on your DVD

Alternatively, follow this link:
DVD to ISO - openSUSE Forums
where ken_yap explains how to take the image off of the DVD and create an iso file called “image11.iso”. You could then run the md5sum check on that iso file, and see if it matches the posted md5sum. I tried that last night, and it worked like a charm. md5sums matched :slight_smile:

I checked checksum → reported something like “checksum error. dvd broken”
And I thought I was ahead of the pack – %#*&!!!

Oh well, I think of the two options, ktorrent repair or the meterless download from bibpond, courtesy of ken_yap: can’t beat the free one, thanks k_y

Thanks all


this might help you

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