Can i run openSUSE on my old laptop?

I have an old laptop with 1,33 GHz celeron processor and just 128 MB RAM and I want to run openSUSE on it. I have installed now openSUSE 11 on this machine, but it is terribly slow. Is there any chance to get the whole thing a bit faster or shall i use some other distribution such like **** small linux or vector linux.

By the way, I am an absolute noob in Linux and want to start with this OS now. A view friends of mine meant, that openSUSE would be the best to start with?!?

Thanx many times for your kind help!

Have a nice day,

No, not really enough RAM. I’m surprised you even got it to install, it’s probably swapping like nobody’s business. Try one of these distros:

DSL, Puppy Linux, Crunchbang Linux, AntiX, Slitaz, DeLi Linux

and stick with one you like.

Thank you many times!

do you use gnome, kde?

you can use xfce, icewm with suse… that will be faster…

The CPU can easily do it. You need extra RAM. Even older types are cheap these days. If you can, put in as much as the machine can have (you could even try to update the BIOS, with the goal to make it handle larger amounts of memory)