Can I revert to an earlier kernel!

Since the last kernel update to 11.2 64bit portions of my video does not work right in windows XP running in either Vmplayer or Vbox. The effect is felt with my Webcam - picture is either garbled or blank not responsive at all. all other video functions in my VM’s and Suse seem OK! can I revert or set my kernel back to its prior state? If so how? Also I have both “default” and “desktop” kernels - the problem is the same in each. If I can move the kernel back to its state prior to most recent update can I do it to just one of the kernels to see if it solves the problem?

Just goto software management, search ‘kernel’

Highlight it, go to the versions tab
Like this
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I don’t have Kernel default base - installed

Nor do I have kernel desktop base - installed

should I install them?

It’s not necessary.
Read the info, you decide.
If you roll back the kernel you may also need to do the same with kernel-source if you have it.

Thanks for the info - I rolled back the kernel successfully - my video improved but it was very herky jerky not smooth at all, so I have returned the kernel to the latest update. Thanks again!