Can I remove the dedicated /boot partition now?

Hello, I have a machine that uses the old fashioned recommended partitioning scheme, which has three partitions:

  1. /boot/efi FAT 256MB
  2. /boot EXT2 400MB
  3. luks encrypted pv 400GB root partition on btrfs (snapshots enabled)

The reason it has a dedicated /boot partition is to avoid the “two luks password inputs” issue (one before grub screen, one after grub screen)

Now that I’ve learned the trick here at, which creates a key file to solve the above issue, I wonder if it’s still possible to implement it when I already have /boot partition setup.

A plus is that I think then I would be able to boot snapshots entries too from the grub screen? At the moment, snapshots options seem to be missing in grub entries.

Yes Grub must be on the same partition as root to be able to use snapshots from grub.It may be possile to move grub but it would not be easy best to think about reinstall when you re purpose partitions

Alright. Thanks for the info.