Can i put all desktops on my laptop?

Hi everyone, does anyone know how to get multiple desktops on my comp- like gnome and kde4, kde3, xfce. I wanted to try them all out to see if one works best for me and i thought i downloaded them all at installation. I clicked on gnome for my primary installation but when the final confirmation step i changed and added the kde desktop, and xfce desktop as additional software to download. I restarted my comp to see if i could get a chance to switch between them but i could not.

Thanks- Adrian

did you have a look under the sessions button before log-in ? or do you automatically log-in ?


Hey Andy, I did not look under the sessions button…because i did not know there was a sessions button.
The first thing i did when the installation finished was to restart my comp. I know when you restart the comp you get to choose between linux and windows(i have windows xp already installed) and a fail safe version of linux so i thought the different desktops were on the restart screen. It does not ask for a password when i enter opensuse.
Im going to open opensuse and find and click the sessions button.
I will report back later- I really appreciate the help Andy

if you use autologin, once you are at the desk-top, click on log-out,then select end current session, this should take you to a log-in window. the sessions button is at the bottom-left of the screen


If you want to switch, logout and back in again, either with ‘switch user’ in the menu or with Ctrl+Alt+backspace.

The next time you start your PC it will use the last desktoptype you selected (were using).

You can also run multiple desktops at the same time. Make a few users, user01, user02, user03 etc. and switch user (as above), before giving in your password select session type, KDE3.5, KDE4.0, Gnome, IceWM etc.