can i port credentials form a winscp to the Filetzilla - doable

hello dear OpenSuse-Experts

i have winSCP on a computer up and running (well) now i want to install on a linux-box filezilla. But belive it or not; : i am not sure where the keys are stored that i have used on my old notebook - (where filezilla run well)

Note: the old notebook has died - i have no access to it any more…

Queston: can i do the following - figure out where / which file /credentials the WinSCP uses - and put them into the filezilla.

Do you think that is possible - guess so . since both clients have to fulfill some password credentials of the correspoinding server.

love to hear from you

yours dilbert

hello dear all

  • did it

WinSCP and FileZilla use the same file for the setting up the connection.

problem solved now!!!

have a great weekend.:wink: