can i`m install opensuse11.3-i386 on the x64 intel hardware ?

can i`m install opensuse11.3-i386 on the x64 intel hardware ?


I assume the OP is referring to 11.3-i586 (aka 32-bit) openSUSE. I will be burning an 64-bit 11.3 installation set soon (tonight). If I were to install the 32-bit 11.3 DVD on a 64-bit machine, can I install the 64-bit version OVER the 32-bit, while preserving my /home partition? Are the two (32-bit and 64-bit) versions equally stable ? Would a better approach be be to “bite the bullet” and install the 64-bit version straightaway ?

Just use _64
It works perfectly

Im need use kiwi-ltsp. WORKSTATIONs fo this will be x86 AMD. I"m dont know - will be work on the server kiwi-ltsp with opensuse_x64 or now…


I try to understand your problem so do not be irritated if I get this wrong:

  • you currently do run a 64 bit installation of OpensSUSE 11.3 on a server configuration and you would need (if I well understand this is your issue) to run kiwi ltsp workstation (32bit) on this platform.
  • You want to know whether this configuration is feasible.

Did I understand correctly your issue?

32bit executables will run on 64bit openSUSE provided the 32bit libraries they might need are installed. This is the case for some programs, like Skype or Google Earth. I don’t know what kiwi-ltsp is/does and if you need to execute a specific 32bit program.

Portal:KIWI-LTSP - openSUSE

I see. Thanks.

Server - hardware HP ProLiant DL380 G4 (64 bit).
On this server will be installed: opensuse11.3_x64

It is necessary for me to use diskless workstations (x86 hardware PC only with Intel LanCard )
For this purpose I plan to install for the server a packet: kiwi-ltsp.

Problem - I don’t know:

  • Probably-whether to install kiwi-ltsp a packet from repo on opensuse11.3_x64
  • Can-whether from it it is loaded diskless workstations (x86)


I think you have to change the translation machine as this is quite difficult to follow.
In principle what has been said before is right. You can to all extend install a 32 bit package into OpenSUSEx64 if you install the concurrent libraries.
Of course, if available you may also install the 64 bit version. The program should then do its job as foreseen, as long as I do understand the program does exactly this. But if anybody is around with specific experience on the issue s(he) may show up and give some input. Notwithstanding a reformulation of your question / re-translation would be good. What is your native language?

Or do you want to know if, once installed the 64bit package of the program on a 64 bit server installation, the 32bit desktop appliances of OpenSUSE will run on it…
I think this may be the issue, right?