Can I keep a local snapshot for reverting when the archive has already pruned my previous version?


I am using Tumbleweed with the tumbleweed-cli and I am upgrading every few weeks after looking at the current stability review. Now, it happened that 20200908 caused Qt Creator to hang here (could not yet investigate), so I decided to tumbleweed revert --install which should have taken me back to 20200807 but, alas, that version is already pruned. OK, I now went back to 20200816 which is the oldest snapshot on the archive and I am keeping my fingers crossed that will get me back to operational state but I was wondering whether there is a way I could keep the packages of my last installed and known to work snapshot around locally, so I can always go back to that after switching to a new version? Having one stable version as a backup would really feel good.



You can use the GUI Yast Snapshots tool to list the snapshots, select the one you don’t want to have cleaned up automatically, press the modify buttun and then erase the Cleanup algorithm field. When you want to return it to normal cleanup, repeat the process but select number. Note, the pull down for me shows number and timeline options, but you can erase the field to leave it blank.

Are you referring to the filesystem snapshot tool? Or is there something specific for Tumbleweed snapshots (i.e. the package repositories)? I am (intentionally) not using a file-system with snapshot features.

Yes. Sorry for the noise. I saw snapshot and prune and assumed btrfs.