Can I install to USB disk?


Instead of installing SUSE 11.1 to hard disk, can I install it in a USB disk?

If yes, what should be the minimum space requirement in the USB disk?


Sure can, have a look in the HOWTo section;

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sure openSUSE is a great OS but if you’d like to install OS to a USB, why not get an OS specifically designd for that purpose?(u might hav noticed openSUSE is a bit heavyweight compared to other distros). There’s plenty of them out there for USB; puppy linux(Boxpup is a favorite), **** small linux NOT(dsl-n which is barely a 100 megs and has everything u need),etc. Sidux, archlinux are other lightweight OSes

I’m already using Ubuntu 8.10 from USB disk. :slight_smile:

In one of my computers, I have Atheros WiFi card and only SUSE recognizes it! :open_mouth:

Also I find SUSE bit more professional looking than other distros.

ah, i guess by USB disk, u meant a portable hd. i supposd u meant like a pendrive. anyhow, gud thing u got it sorted out! cheers!

Had a look on HOWTO section for USB installation - looks a bit scary to me :expressionless:

Just wondering, is there any way to run from live CD yet save settings on USB disk (pen drive) so that sessions become persistent?


this should answer your question.
How to Install SUSE to a USB Flash Drive | USB Pen Drive Linux
still, itz a bit complicated but its neat!