Can i install Open Suse on my pc?

Can i install Open Suse on my pc whit: HDD: 30gb Memory: 256mb Prossecor: an old…(amd)
Thank you.

Yes you probably can. Do you know what graphics adapter your PC has?

Note 256MB is below the recommended minimum. Hence installation will be trickly. Plus it will run really slow with either KDE, Gnome or xfce, IMHO destroying the openSUSE Linux ‘feeling’

Hence I recommend you take a look here: Live CD - openSUSE and in particular download and try SOAD (SuSE on active diet) or try LXDE. These are light weight versions of openSUSE designed for older PC’s like yours

There is an openSUSE-11.2 SOAD version in the works (currently being tested).

Note you probably should install from a TEXT mode. I can’t recall the exact menu selection, … you may need to press F3 upon the initial boot menu … but in any event, assuming you boot to a text login , then

  • in SOAD log in as “linux” and enter “soad” (no quotes) for password, and type “su” and enter “soad” (no quotes) for password
    *]in LXDE log in as “linux” and press <enter> for password, and type “su” and press <enter> for password
    and then type “yast” (no quotes) and use the arrow key and the tab key to navigate to “miscellaneous/misc” and then select “installation” option from there.

openSUSE 11.2 KDE and Gnome will not be happy with hardware spec. But maybe LXDE or SOAD would be just ok.

Live CD - openSUSE


LXDE - Light Weight Desktop Environment for openSUSE Linux | SUSE & openSUSE

EDIT: good work oldcpu. I’m bit late.