Can I install open suse in external usb hard drive

Hi Friends

Can I install open suse in external usb hard drive. whether it is possible to boot system from that hard drive.


Have a look here;
SuSE on External USB Drive

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And what operating system(s) do you have installed on the internal hard drive(s)?

I have installed the open suse only. But I want to try ubuntu. So I have asked this question.

After taking a look at that article I feel it is risking to do that.

IMO it’s not a risk. But sometimes it is a little difficult to get the booting to work, because of being on a USB external drive. This is because the BIOS from one computer to the next, handles this differently. If you also have linux installed on an internal drive, it is usually not a problem. Or Vista on the internal drive. But other versions of Windows can have problems. Also, you may not be able to boot directly from the external drive or you may have to change to bios to do that (but again, even so, if you have linux installed on the internal drive too, you should be OK).