Can I downgrade 15.6 to 15.5

I have a problem with IP Forwarding in openSUSE 15.6

Can I downgrade Leap openSUSE 15.6 to 15.5 using the normal upgrade instruction like mentioned in that document SDB:System upgrade - openSUSE Wiki by just changing the destination version to 15.5 ?

( I could not find a recent informtion regarding that topic)

Zypper is really good at its job, so it could conceivably work, but it’s not a supported process. What induced you to ask? Why would you want to?

After upgrading to 15.6 I have many troubles with IP forwarding.
My linux router/firewall is working again after changing to firewalld policies.
The WLAN Hostspot using hostapd is still not able to let other computer to use the WLAN again. There I still have routing issues.
It took me now round about 1,5 workdays to find solutions for both. For one of them still no solution.

Maybe I also find a solution for my hostapd problem.

I’m sorry to hear about all that. Perhaps it would be useful to complete the release survey. Those problems seem not to be a lot of fun, and not expected for the relatively modest upgrade that is 15.5 to 15.6.

If this was an upgrade of 15.5, AND you have btrfs, you could still have a snapshot from before the upgrade. To check:

sudo snapper list

It seems the behaviour of firewalld which caused my trouble started changing a few years ago.
Now the change was really activated in my system.

I searched a few hours in the internet and it seems, most of the other users are also not aware of the new syntax, as I could nearly find everwhere the old syntax and old documentations without the new syntax / requirements.
Just two sides where helpful. They are both from the firewalld project.

Yes - it would be helpful in this particular case.
I am still not on btrfs. I just have my backups of the configuration. But this may take hours to days to rebuild everything like it was .
Furthermore I prefer forward patching.

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