Can i disable splash screen after PC wakes up from the sleep?

I have disabled password after suspend. I have set up autologin without password. But when my PC wakes up it always shows the splash screen with time and asks me for swipe. I don’t want to swipe. It’s not a phone or tablet. I just want to skip this screen after stand by and immediately see desktop.

Yes, this splash is good for accidentally mouse moving and returns pc to stand by again. But maybe i can set up to skip this screen not only by swiping? By mouse click will be good.

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Moved and reopened.

So your running Tumbleweed?

You still have to scroll up with mouse or press a key… If it asks for the password, this can be disabled in the System Settings -> Privacy.

As i said before problem with with splash screen. It doesn’t ask for password. It is annoying. I don’t understand for which reason i should see this screen instead of my desktop right away.

Can i disable this window and load desktop after suspend skipping this splash?
Can i set up to mouse button click to skip it instead of swiping? Swipe is for tablets and phones! I use on desktop. I can’t use my keyboard for several reasons on this screen (bluetooth, or i turn on pc using wireless mouse from the bed and i’m not near the keyboard and use external TVset, etc).

Please, don’t try to help me with “problems” with bt-keyboard, mouse or tvset. My questions are not about them. My point is to disable splash screen or allow skipping using mouse buttons (not movement) as keyboard.

It’s as designed, swipe, scroll mouse button or press the keyboard…

There is an extension to disable the screen shade;

There is a catch though, you need to install/use epiphany (browser) since the support has been dropped from Firefox…