can I copy an application from one install to another? need to get a library onto an older install


I need to get the fann runtime library installed on a server running opensuse 12.1. As far as I can tell, there are no more opensuse 12.x repositories available, at least I haven’t found one.

There are two links for a .src.rpm,

I don’t know if either of these is compatible with opensuse 12.1. Both links are for a source rpm and I don’t know what issues would arise in trying a rebuild. This is a remote system and I am relaying instructions to someone else.

I have an opensuse 12.2 system here that has the fann library installed. I was wondering if I could just copy over the install. The install was made through yast. Would there be a local copy of the rpm or something like that I could look for?

Could I just copy the files listed in Yast Software Manager for the fann library and copy them over to the other system? It seems like I would have to register the library somehow in order for it to be found at runtime.

Suggestions would be appreciated,


Start here:
and dril down > repo and maybe > oss

I don’t see any fann entries in either,

I was able to find rpm files here,

I have usually installed rpm files with apper installer. Is this the best method or is the a preferred method using Yast?


While you said that you needed fann from an openSUSE 21.1 repo, I jumped to the conclusion that it would be part of the openSUSE 12.1 OSS repo.

Was it ever part of any repository in 12.1 times? When it was in some personal home repository or another non-standard one, I guess you chances of finding one are almost nil.

My advice would be to upgrade your very old-fashioned system. Chances that you succeed in getting a source version of one of to days supported openSUSE versions running are not large imho. These things often trigger a chain. It needs some other library, and that one needs also another, …

One normaly installs software from repos using YaST or zypper.

The fann library is widely used for ANN applications, but I have usually had to install it from devel:libraries:c_c++ or similar. I have never found it in Yast with the standard repos.

Part of the problem is that this not “my” very old-fashioned system. It is running at another location and I don’t have much access. There are a number of other applications running there as well and the proposal of an upgrade would need to assess the potential impact on everything running on the server. At the end of the day an upgrade is not my call.

Yes, that is what I prefer, but if a repo is not available and you are installing from a rpm, is apper installer fine or is there some better method? I know that when installing from an rpm there can be issues with dependencies not being resolved, but the fann library is pretty straightforward c code and I don’t think it is likely there would be much. At any rate, the issue list will be related directly to the fann library and not all of the other things on the server that could break with a major upgrade.


For installing an RPM file, you can use zypper also (see the man page), or use the rpm tool of course (but then the zypper administration will know nothing of what is installed).

The avantage of zypper is also that it will pull in dependent packages (if available in your repos of course).

Apper is an KDE interface to PackageKit, which is a project to provide a distro independent software management package. As such it will try to offer the same features as YaST, but we have YaST already for ages and it fits me. Also I am not sure that the Apper/PackageKit version of openSUSE 12.1 were already that mature.

Well, I can not help you very much with your company problems re the upgrade policy. But IMHO they are very busy in painting themselves into a corner. And we do not even talk then about the security implications.

If you’d rather use Yast, you can set a RPM directory as a repo in Yast > Software Repositories > Add > Local Directory. Don’t forget to tick the RPM directory box in the name/folder selection window.

Do you absolutely need a version of FANN?

If this is what you’re trying to install

Then you can download and install the latest version from their github repo following instructions here

If you want an older version, then you may need to ask on their mailing list, I don’t see that they are maintaining github branches for different versions.

As for copying the library from one machine to another, it might help to at least inspect the existing library’s installation…
If you haven’t done a “zypper clean” on this machine, then I assume if FANN was originally installed using a RPM,
You can determine where the RPM came from among other things by running (the packagename might be fann.rpm or libfann or something else)

zypper info *packagename *

and you can inspect the contents of the package which is what might need to be copied from one machine to another

rpm -ql *packagename *