Can I add an arch (ppc64) to an existing project?

I was looking at
We need the mediawiki for ppc64, too, so I thought I might be able to just add this arch to this project. But I’m not sure how.

When I try to edit a repository of this project, I’m only offered i586 and x86_64, which are already checked.

Can I somehow tell the Build Service to build this project for ppc64, too? Or do I understand the principle of the OBS wrong?


Have a look at the “Advanced” options in the Web interface.

(But don’t expect it to build without problems, especially if you get “expansion errors” you will have to provide missing dependencies by yourself, which might be not trivial.)


Maybe you understood one thing completely wrong, you can not just change the build options of a project you don’t own or have write access to (if that is the case).

Also note the server status for ppc and ppc64 are dead… as well as
the publisher.

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