Can anyone tell me how VirtualBOX or Xen works

Ok so now Im confused with what I need to do to access VirtualBox or Xen I try to start them up but when I do it doesn’t work for some reason, can anyone else figure this out.

I know it’s not because of the root privilages because I am in root. so whatelse is there

VirtualBox and Xen are different animals. Don’t mix the two and work on one at a time.

You do realise that Sun publishes an excellent User Guide in PDF for VirtualBox? Even so, it’s not hard to use VB once you have go it to run, the GUI interface makes it easy to set up VMs.

I didn’t know about the VirtualBox guide. I’m confused, I don’t want to use them one at a time. I just want to know about both of them because I heard about Xen and what it can do, also I hear people talking about VirtualBox so I just wanted to know how they operate.

The VirtualBox guide was part of an answer I was looking for. So I guess my next question is “Is there a Guide for Xen?”

VirtualBox works very well, but you need to know how to set it up.

  1. Install VirtualBox
  2. Install the Kernel module for VirtualBox
  3. Add yourself to the user group: vboxusers, so in the file /etc/group you should have a line like:


After all 3 steps are done you can run VBox. I recommend going through the manual for the software because it has some … places where you may go bump. I just mean some things seemed odd until I learned a little more about the software. That was probably because I was so used to VMware. :wink:

Thanks anyways my question was trying to find out how either one of them works, but now I’ve found manuals for both so Thanks. :slight_smile: