Can anyone suggest me a laptop for OpenSuse?

Hello all, I’m a computer science student, I need a laptop to do all my study stuff, currently I am between buying a macbook and a pc notebook(then install linux), the main reason for buy macbook is os x has all the drivers, there isn’t much complaints about no driver for hardware, all seem to be working, but, macbook is expensive compared to pc notebooks with similar configurations, so an alternative is to buy a pc notebook and install linux, here are basicly what I need:

  1. Microphone working, I have to use skype
  2. Wifi working
  3. suspend/resume, I need to carry it a lot
  4. less or equal to 13’’
  5. lightweight
  6. also, there is a Load_Cycle_Count problem, hopefully it does not occur

I’ll install opensuse 11.1 KDE as I like the system.
Thanks a lot!


I think some thinkpad (Lenovo, former IBM) ships with Suse linux entreprise.
I’m really happy with mine (thinkpad r50e) except it has no resume/suspend function working properly…

They are way cheaper than mac, but still more expensive then the avarage.

Otherwize, Dell ships computer with Ubuntu on it, wich could mean they are opensuse-compliant.
(but I would definitly get a thinkpad !)


The best place to check is here