Can anyone help me setup my internet please??

I am very very new to Linux so appreciate your replies in basic steps plaese.
Installed suse 11.2(32 bits),KDE desktop. I Can’t now figure out how to setup INTERNET. My internet connection is cable(part of ISP lan) without any modem/router etc. and it works fine on a win xp machine (using DHCP ip allocation).
Using YaST I checked Network card is detected and working. eth0 started auto at boot IP address assigned through DHCP.
In Network devices I openned DSl and starting with a blank screen using the “ADD” button filled in the ISP, my login and password info. checking “always ask for password”. On the next screen checked all the boxes apart from “dial on demand” (I don’t have a dialup connection) and closed all windows and rebooted.
So now comes the need for a gui screen (similar to the one on windows that I click “connect” before getting access to internet,but I don’t seem to have one).
So please help!!

Sure there’s no modem? Cable uses a cable modem, for sure. If the only thing in XP you have to do is setting DHCP (or rather leave things as they are), then it should be the same on openSUSE. And cable definitely is not ADSL.

Thanks Knurpht for the observation but I don’t see an answer how to setup the connection. In windows I simply went for Add new connection/connect to office-work place–>vpn–> input all the info and I got thge usual icon on the desktop. here on linux I don’t have a clue (I obviously did it all wrong. I said I am a newb). leaving things on suse as they were on xp? but how??? browser shows offline.where and how do I get a connection window??? Please HELP

In your case, you don’t need to do anything specific. You should get internet automagically if you just plug in the cable.
You can use knetworkmanager (must be already active) - look in the system tray, you will see an icon there.

I am sorry if I don’t get it, but how would my ISP know if I am online. They have provided me with internet as part of their network(LAN). It does not become active until I enter username and password (under which I am registered on their network). after authentification the connection is established until the time I log-out/ turn the computer off/ or a server problem,after which I would have to login again.
Now the CLEAR-CUT question… How would the ISP server know I have logged in when I am not providing it with login password info. So No friends It is not as you suggest.I will have to setup something that I (and many of you it appears to me) don’t understand).
Then please don’t waste your time on something you don’t understand. help can only be given and appreciated when it is meaningful, and not just for the sake of it.

It your first post, you said that your connection is part of the ISP’s LAN. This means that you have a broadband connection with an ethernet cable to plug into your computer. (If this is the case, you don’t need any special configuration. The auto DHCP configuration - it is the default - will work).
Is this correct? Otherwise, how and where is it connected to your computer? Ethernet port or USB port?

Did you also check your firewall settings. The ethernetcard connection should be set to “external zone”. If it is on no zone it will not work.

Oh, I get it. Your problem is to set up a virtual private network?
If this is the case you should try to set it up with Kvpnc (a programm you have to install from the DVD. I don’t think the vpn funcion in networkmanager works well). If you dhcp is accepted, what makes the actual difference is the vpn setup.
You will know which kind of VPN (Cisco, Openvpn etc.).
I do not think that in Windows “it just worked”. Your provider eventually gave you a disk with a kind of program to install? Like a file name .crt or similar?

Ps: We are trying to help. We are not given paranormal possibilities nor do we sit in front of your machine. The solution will come through the input of different people. If you cannot handle this…don’t ask for help on internet-forums but buy commercial help line services. Right?