Can anybody upload the Nvidia 177.82 RPMs

Hello Everybody

Eventhough the 180.22 Driver improves the performance.
It comes with a ugly bug of displaying random stuff at startup.

It removes the profession feel of a linux desktop.

Can anybody upload

x11-video-nvidiaG02-177.82_2.6.27.7_9.1 And

RPMS anywhere?

Use Webpin.

Here we go: Webpin-nvidia (Click on 1-click-install buttons)

Those drivers are still in Yast. It is merely a matter of selecting them, and marking the newer ones as taboo.

Certainly not.

There are 173x drivers in Yast and that is for different set of Nvidia Cards.

If you still see 177x drivers in Yast, it shows that Repo Data in your end as old.

Even Webpin didn’t help as the rpms available there is not meant for the kernel shipped in OpenSUSE 11.1

You might try the “legacy” driver, if you’re willing to risk wasting a couple minutes in case it doesn’t work.

IIRC, the legacy driver is also backward compatible with many newer cards though Nvidia does not come right out and say this.