cam works on everything except kopete

i have a logitech communicate stx and i have read all similar threads and quite a bit of the advice was quite helpful however despite all the great advice and my best efforts i can’t for the life of me get my cam to work in kopete. I have full function in everything else.

What does kopete do when you go to settings-configure-video, any signs you can describe? Which kopete are you using? Is it the version from 3.xx or from kde 4.x?

i apopogize for the lack of detail on my first post, writing away from my box at work and all. i’m using the version packaged with kde 4.1. it has no problem registering the brand and model in the video configuration but will not register anything in the standard box. the preview shows a blank box. i have the appropriate drivers updated to the appropriate version for my kernal and the cam works fine in everything else gqcam and amsn included but i am completely at a loss for this issue with kopete. any advice would be greatly appreciated.