Calligra-Krita won't save png files

Hello all,

I’m running Krita 2.7.5 on openSUSE 13.1 x86_64 (KDE 4.11) and I’ve run I to a bit of a snag. The problem is that I cannot save PNG files. When I try to save in PNG format, Krita complains it cannot write to the file. I end up with a zero byte file.

I have tried saving in different locations and with different names, but it just refuses to work. Now if I save as JPEG, it works fine.

Now GIMP does the job without problem, but I really, really would rather use Krita. The GIMP is a great app, but it has an awkward UI IMHO, and it looks less than stellar under KDE.



Works fine here.

Are you using any extra repos?

zypper lr -d

Do you get any error message when you run krita from Konsole and try to save to png?