call to lnusertemp failed

I’ve hit a problem with KDE when doing an update. I get an error when logging in:

“call to lnusertemp failed”

I’ve cleared out the /tmp files, set my tmp files to be deleted on reboot, tried creating a new user, renamed .kde4 to .kde4~old…no luck.

I think that the best solution is to completely remove KDE and then re-install it. How do I do that? Alternatively, if anyone has a better solution, I’ll try that.

I am having a similar issue. When I do a more on $HOME/.xsession-errors I see the message “Unable to find password entry for uid nnnn” … Call to lnusrtemp failed (temporary directories full?)…

I have configured, via yast, the automatic removal of my user temp files from /tmp and /var/tmp. This did not seem to make a difference. I did find this posting

Call to lnusertemp failed {temporary directories full?}. Check your installation ?

One of the entries talks about the permissions on the password file as a possible source of the problem. My permissions are rw-r----- and I also get the “I have no name” in my prompt.

I am doing some other checking and will report back any positive results.

BTW - Are you able to log in at the console using the “dead” user? Also, can root login to KDE?

It turns out the cause of the problem I was experiencing was caused by the permissions on /etc/passwd. Once I executed chmod o+r /etc/passwd, the lnusertemp error went away and I was able to login. I realize this post is way to late to be of any assistance to you, but perhaps it can help another.

How the heck did that get broke? Well, I’ll try to fix but I suspect this is a 12.1 bug of some sort. This didn’t work for me. I can log in as root, but not my normal account… :’(