call stack boot linux suse


I upgraded my laptop yesterday with linux 11.4. I had previously the 11.3 version. I did a zypper dup.
After the upgrade process finished I restarted the machine. When I boot I got some options:
one is for the linux 11.4, the other is for a failsafe linux 11.4 and the rest for windows. I chose the linux 11.4 option but I got some messages: enter to see video modes available,
space to continue or wait for 30sec. If I choose any of these options I get the sentence:
creating device modes with udev. Then, sentences like:

stack :
75.2344 call trace :
75.33445 code:


If I boot in the failsafe linux option I dont receive these messages, but upto now I have never use this
failsafe version and I dont know what is that at all?

I dont know what happened during the installation process. Could you give me some comments?

thanks in advance.

Sounds like a video problem. What video do you have?

Failsafe use the most conservative drivers and settings. So that almost all hardware will work.

Try typing nomodeset then an enter at the boot. If this works let use know and exactly what your video card is.