Call for torrent seeding.

I’m currently seeding:


some of us are trying to download via torrent:


but there are no seeds. Could someone please seed this? If someone does I’ll keep it going for at least 3 or so days once I finish downloading. Of course I’ll also be testing it along with install DVD.

Well. Never mind then. I guess…


Use FTP its quicker


Thanks. I know that. I just thought if openSUSE [We?] is going to put a torrent out there that it maybe should actually work. Apparently thats just me.

FWIW I did download and am seeding the x86_64 .iso torrent. Isn’t one advantage of downloading via torrent is that files are sort of automatically accurate and checked?

The non-oss add on is useless any way. Dwight is sorry for wasting others time. If moderator wishes to remove this thread by all means do so.

For final releases torrents are great, but I’ve more often than not found that they don’t work for prereleases, and if they do, they’re always slower.

There just aren’t enough people doing it.

Good point. In my experience it’s always faster to download via ftp/http rather than torrent. In my work [printing pressman] I don’t work with a 'puter connected to the net. So for me I have all the time I’m working or sleeping to download torrents. I can see where for a lot of Linux users especially testers speed is more of an issue 'cause y’all are downloading and installing while your working. Or something like that.

FWIW I had some issues with the install DVD for 11.0 and the dev assigned the bug did ask, among many other things, that I please download via torrent to insure integrity of files. Since then I’ve been more likely to use torrents for iso downloads but I actually use both as well as occasionally hard disk or net install.

If you ‘md5sum [filename]’ in a terminal, it’ll give you the md5 - you can then compare that to the correct one on the download page. That’s no less reliable than using a torrent.

Usefully, also, if it comes out wrong, you can start a torrent version of the same file, stop it, then copy the corrupt copy to where the torrent is downloading to, and your torrent program will fix it!

Clever, eh? :slight_smile:

Yes, that is worth knowing.