Calendar widget not loading

I have KDE 4.6.0 on openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64) and I have the digital clock/calendar widget in the right hand corner of the launcher panel.
We recently went to Daylight Savings Time here in the U.S. and ever since then, I’ve noticed that the calendar widget in the panel does not load when I click on the digital clock.
How can I fix this?
Btw, if I add a calendar widget to the desktop, it looks fine, I see the month and days.
Here’s a screenshot of the problem:

I’m confused
Is it the digital clock or a separate Calendar widget

My clock come up like this
SUSE Paste

What happens if you remove the clock widget from the panel, then readd it?

Thank you, that is what fixed it.
I hadn’t tried that because I was afraid it might have some dire consequences or something. (lol @ myself).