Calendar (from Kde Digital Clock) wont show hoidays


Im using opensuse 12.2 and kde 4.8.5
I have the digital clock running on my task bar.
When I left click it shows me the calendar.
I cant however seem to get it to show me the holidays for the region i which I am (which would be very handy).
If I right click and choose “digital clock settings” - “calendar” I can choose “show events” but it only makes the calendar smaller.
If under “Holidays” I select eg “Germany” and change “not used” to “Information” or “Days off” (whats the difference?) it seems to have no effect.
When I click “ok” and reopen the settings later, the Germany is back to “not used” again!

Thanks in Advance for any help
Best Wishes

Hi p8mode,

I think I know what you’re on about. I actually never noticed before…

How about using the Kontact-Email-Module to add all your holidays? I do so and these events are shown perfectly in the calender-widget. But don’t ask me, if I’ve downloaded and imported an external calender or used the system one.


I guess you mean the Kontact-Calendar-Module, right?:wink: (or KOrganizer, actually)
Yes, the standard clock plasmoid does show them, if you enable “Show events”.

If you turn “Show events” on, it also shows all events from your Akonadi Calendars (those that you use with KOrganizer, see Simon’s reply). But that will start Akonadi on login.
You don’t need to enable that for just showing the holidays.

If your settings don’t stick that’s either a bug in the plasmoid or maybe a corrupted configuration.
Can you try it with a fresh new user account?
This works fine here in 12.3 with KDE 4.10.

Regarding the difference between “Information” and “Days off”:
There are 2 kinds of holidays. One type is shown in red (“Days off”) and the other one is shown in green (“Information”). With this setting you can choose if those “Days off” should be shown in red or not.
If you set this to “Information”, all holidays are marked the same.

OK, I installed 12.2 now in VirtualBox and you are right: Showing holidays doesn’t work out of the box.
You have to install the package “kdebase4-workspace-plasma-calendar” first, then the setting sticks and holidays are shown!:wink:

And as I said, you don’t have to enable “Show events”, that’s for events from all your KOrganizer calendars.

Btw, the calendar gets smaller to have place to show the descriptions of the holidays/events. But you can resize it bigger manually if you want. Just grab it in a corner (the mouse cursor should change then) and drag it to your preferred size…

Thanks yery much for the helpful answer.
This seems to work much better now (after I logged out and in again)

So the red ones are the work free (holi)days and the green those that are (eg religious) holidays but still working days?

Ideally Id be able to get the calendar to show me the school holidays in the region of germany Im in. Is this asking too much? :-o)
Would I have to enter them all by hand…where/how?

Thanks in Advance.
Best Wishes.


Ideally Id be able to get the calendar to show me the school holidays in the region of germany Im in. Is this asking too much? :-o)

Well, yes and no.
You can’t really expect the calendar plasmoid to ship with all the school holidays for all the areas in the world, can you?

But, as has already been mentioned, you can configure the calendar plasmoid to show events from ALL your KOrganizer calendars.
Those will be shown as bold then in the calendar plasmoid.

Would I have to enter them all by hand…where/how?

In KOrganizer.

But actually, maybe you don’t have to enter them by hand. If you’re lucky, somebody else did already.
Have a look in KOrganizer->File->Import->Get Hot New Stuff… (in german: Datei->Importieren->“Neue Erweiterungen” abholen…).
Perhaps you find something there that fits you. And in File->Import you can also import calendar files.

Hi there,

I get mine from this site: iCal - Quick, simple, perfect.