Caja, picture thumbnails are randomly not working

Crossposting from Reddit since the only reply was that I try to run something, but the person didn’t say *what.

*So since some time ago Caja is not showing thumbnails for almost any photos, but for some old ones it still works. I can’t see any pattern, and sometimes the first couple of photos in a folder has thumbnails, while the rest doesn’t. Thumbnails for videos work fine. I have checked that Caja’s settings are set to make thumbnails for everything. Any ideas?

Verify you are running the MATE Desktop, have recently upgraded (preferably just before posting) and that your Caja version is 1.24?

If you still have a problem,
You might start by narrowing down what type of files display or don’t…
Are they PNG, GIF, JPG?
If JPG, perhaps a specific type of compression?


Yep everything is fully updated, it started months ago so many updates since then actually. Maybe it was Mate 1.24?
It is both JPEG, PNG and GIF, I don’t see any pattern at all.

Recommend submitting a bug to
Of course, provide as much detail as you can.

From time to time I’ve seen a similar problem with various file managers over the years,
They get fixed but for some reason reappear.