Cairo dock (tries to) run terminal as superuser

Have just installed Cairo Dock, and seems quite good, but added an icon for (standard) Konsole, and when running it, it tries to run as superuser - ie asks for a password…)
When I added it, just opened a standard terminal, and selected “Make it a launcher”.

Just to add to this… (probably shouldn’t…)
I quite like the idea of running a “dock”, and so far have tried Cairo, and Latte. They both seem to have issues (in Tumbleweed, anyways.)
Cairo - also can’t figure out how to install plugins - the original info for opensuse is back at V11?!
Latte seems a bit unstable - some apps are ok, other don’t work correctly in the dock…

Are there any other (similar) working options?

I used


before in tumbleweed.
Though I only use it for application launchers.
It wasn’t bad.

Yes, remembered I have used that before - nice basic dock.