CAD program info needed

I’m doing some reasearch for my dad.

he wants me to find a very specific type of CAD program for him, so I
thought I’d ask here and see what you lot would suggest.


  • Free

  • 3D capable

  • able to read and write (import/export)
    to IGES (*.igs *.ige *.iges)

  • able to run on Linux and Windows

so far I’ve found “Varcon” , theres only one
problem; it says there is an outdated windows version, but doesn’t give
a link as to where you can obtain it…

any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Have you taken a look at ‘MEDUSA4’ (


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what about ‘VariCAD’ (

Oh my God Windows killed zwenny!

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hmm, vericad wont do, that’s only “free trial version” my dad wants a
completely free application.

and as for medusa4, it all depends what thier terminology of “FREE
personal license” means…

if it means my dad can’t change and then resell the program, then thats
fine. but if it means he can’t freely use it to design machines for his
corporation… then it wouldn’t fit what we need…

it would help if you knew if medusa4 could be used by a corporation
that is building aircraft, to design and model the aircraft and it’s
parts, as well as still be free… (?)


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Try looking at this link
‘CAD,CAM,CAE softwares installation - openSUSE Forums’
There might be some that you can try.

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