Cached credentials LDAP

I have been attempting to find a solution for this all over the internet.

As I understand it, opensuse dropped support for nss_ccreds, nss_updatedb, and nss_db.

With this being the only straight forward solution available for the PAM stack, how can credentials be cached (outside of using SAMBA)? This is essential for laptop users that login to an LDAP (Fedora DS, NOT ACTIVE DIRECTORY) server at work, but would also need to login with the same credentials to be able to access the machine from home off the corporate network.

I have read, and have also confirmed that creating a local user, with the same name and uidnumber on the local machine allows you to do this. however this leads to making the user keep up with the password on both the LDAP and the local profile, as well as just not being a very profressional IT solution.

Is it possible to find the source for nss_ccreds, nss_updatedb, and nss_db and compile these to work on openSUSE 11.0 or are there other gotchas that might come into play?

Any information, idea, or even confirmation would be appreciated.

Ok, anyone out there have any hints on how to can accomplish this without using samba?